Aug 09

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Four Products To Help Organize A University Dorm Room & Win A $500 Canadian Tire Gift Card

I can’t believe it, my daughter will be starting university in a few weeks. Just typing that makes me feel both sad and old at the same time, but that’s life. Kids grow up and they need to have their own experiences and life lessons. University is an amazing time in a person’s life and it’s during these years that their lives will be changed, and as a parent, hopefully changed for the better. It’s also that time when kids get their first taste of the real world, starting with when they move out of the spacious family home and into their dorm room.

A university dorm room

Most dorms are small rooms with bare walls and a single window, but this tiny room will be their new sanctuary so naturally they’ll need to find items that make it comfortable and organized while efficiently using their limited space.

Here are four products that you can find at Canadian Tire that’ll help make dorm life a little more comfortable for your student:

1) The Umbra Mobi Hook

One of the main areas that needs organizing is the entryway. This is where coats, scarves, keys and shoes will be tossed as students rush to and from classes. The Umbra Mobi Hook comes 2 per pack and it’s perfect for just inside the door. It’s made of natural beech wood and painted steel wire. Kids can use their imagination when mounting these. They’re a versatile design that can be mounted in custom patterns and groups, in whichever way works best for a busy student.

  The Umbra Mobi HookThe Umbra Mobi Hook













2) Umbra Loft Entry Organizer

Another space saving and mess preventing product is the Umbra Loft Entry Organizer. This works as an all-in-one storage unit. It’s a coat rack, a shoe rack, and a shelf all built into one. It features 4 upper hooks for coats, 4 lower hooks for small items and a shoe rack that holds up to 3 pairs of shoes. At the top you’ll find a shelf with a front lip to conveniently and safely place keys, wallets, and mobile phones. This innovative design leans against a wall and reduces clutter. It’s very compact and efficient.

A coatrack, shoerack and an integrated shelf

3) Umbra Shelfie Mirror

The Umbra Shelfie Mirror is another product that combines two products into one seamless design. The contoured metal shelf provides a convenient space to store items and also wraps around a frameless mirror. It’s the perfect place for those who want to keep a clean and organized look in a tight space. This product is another versatile one which can be used in any part of the dorm.

Umbra Shelfie Mirror
4) Umbra Stash Organizer

Not all storage products are made for mounting or leaning on walls. The Umbra Stash Organizer maximizes the space within a closet by creating additional storage right where it’s needed: On a hanger under your jacket or shirt. This ingenious organizer can be used to store such items as wallets, scarves, gloves and keys. Installation couldn’t be simpler, all you need is a hanger!

Umbra Stash Organizer

Umbra Stash Organizer














There you have it, four products that are very sleek looking, very functional, and best of all, they were all designed by Canadian students. This is just another example of a company talking and working with their customers to produce products to suit their needs.

Have you found a product that you love and helps with organizing your space? If so I’d love to hear about it in the comment section below.

Back to School with Canadian Tire Contest

***Disclosure: I was compensated for this post in the form of products listed above and a Canadian Tire gift card but all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Catherine Gauthier

    j’aime bien umbra de bon produit pratique et ingenieux

    1. Davindra Ramnarine

      Ils ont consulté les étudiants pour faire des produits fantastiques.

  2. Zelda Carruthers

    I’d sure like to win this! Thanks

  3. joanne

    I love the Umbra combined coat rack, shoe shelf etc…. very handy!

  4. Olivoaclow

    I have my 👀 om it.

  5. Debbie Morgan

    I would love to win

  6. Julie Lamontagne

    Amazing ideas for my two oldest ones living in their first rooms!

    1. Davindra Ramnarine

      Mine is starting also and she’s really glad for these. So useful!

  7. Bray Mireille

    Nice price hope tout win

    1. Davindra Ramnarine

      Thanks, good luck!

  8. Tricia Cooper

    Umbra has great products! Does Canadian Tire sell them now?

    1. Tricia Cooper

      Oops! I meant to say that I wasn’t aware that Canadian Tire sold Umbra products! (Sorry, I’m having one of ‘those’ days — LOL!)

      1. Davindra Ramnarine

        We all have those days every so often. All of the products I talked about are available.

  9. Craig

    Some great ideas here, and I love that shelfie!

    1. Davindra Ramnarine

      My son has his eye on it.

  10. Sarah Smart

    The shelfie mirror is everything so I’ll say that ! It would make an awesome addition

    1. Davindra Ramnarine

      So many people have their eye on that!

  11. Aneta

    To be honest I need these items in my own house to help organize everything. Thanks for sharing

    1. Davindra Ramnarine

      Same here, my son wants the Shelfie Mirror in his own room and he’s only 15.

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