Jan 15

Key West With Teenagers: Parasailing With Fury Water Adventures

When our kids were younger traveling was easier but boring. Easier because they were so easily entertained, boring because they were so easily entertained! Now that they’re older we’re finally able to participate in activities that parents with younger kids may pass on. A couple of weeks ago we were in Key West and we …

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Jan 03

Meet A Travel Writer: Interview With Natalie Preddie From “The Adventures Of Natty P”

Today we’re talking with Natalie Preddie from the website The adventures of Natty P. Looking at Natalie’s website and social media you’d never think that she was once on a path to becoming a dancer and actress but I guess fate had other plans. Natalie has been featured in quite a few publications including The …

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Nov 20

Review: My 5 Favorite Features Of The Rogers Smart Drive

There isn’t a parent out there that has woken up in the middle of the night to a screaming baby, looked down into the crib and said “I can’t wait till you’re old enough so I don’t have to do this anymore.” But as the kid gets older the parent is faced with a whole …

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Nov 17

Grab A JORD Wooden Watch Without Leaving Your Couch

So who out there has done all of their Christmas shopping already? If you’re like me, then you haven’t even started thinking about it. You’d think that after all these years of hitting the malls in the days just before Christmas, with the crowds at their thickest, that I’d learn my lesson. But where’s the …

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Nov 13

PineSol Helping Bring Back Your Memories – #YesItsPinesol

Growing up in on an island in the  Caribbean meant that I was constantly surrounded by all sorts of different smells, some pleasant and others not so much. Smells like ripe mangoes freshly picked from the tree, fragrant flowers, and food like the rich, complex aroma of a pot of curried goat bubbling away on …

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Oct 06

Spooky Lagoon Presents: Toronto Island Stories – Murder at the Lighthouse & A Ticket Giveaway

If you’re looking for a unique event that the entire family can enjoy (and get a little spooked by) then the latest Halloween attraction on the Toronto Islands is for you. Spooky Islands: Murder At The Lighthouse is very different than the usual haunted houses we have around town. We boarded our Tiki Taxi in Queens …

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Sep 30

2017 Eat To The Beat: 60 Female Chefs, 1 Worthy Cause & A Ticket Giveaway

I can’t believe that today is the last day of September, summer is gone and pretty soon we’ll be hearing about below zero temperatures. The only upside to this changing of the seasons is that on Tuesday, October 17th, the doors of Roy Thompson Hall will be opened to welcome guests to the 22nd edition …

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Aug 20

Interview With Yashy Murphy, Mommy Blogger And World Traveller

How many of you would pack up your life and head out on a 148 day trip through North Africa and Europe with your spouse and two kids under the age of 6? I know it’s not something that had ever crossed my mind but this is exactly what Yashy Murphy from Baby and Life …

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Aug 09

Four Products To Help Organize A University Dorm Room & Win A $500 Canadian Tire Gift Card

I can’t believe it, my daughter will be starting university in a few weeks. Just typing that makes me feel both sad and old at the same time, but that’s life. Kids grow up and they need to have their own experiences and life lessons. University is an amazing time in a person’s life and …

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Jul 30

Odysseo by Cavalia – A Show For The Entire Family

For quite a few weeks I’ve driven by this site and I’ve been seeing this massive white tent being erected. I didn’t know what was happening and then I saw the signs: Odysseo by Cavalia was coming to Mississauga! If you’re looking for a show that the whole family will enjoy then this is the show for …

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