Davindra Ramnarine

Davindra Ramnarine

Hello and welcome to Goat Roti Chronicles.

My name is Davindra, and I’m just your average working schlub who has a fascination for food, the food industry and the people involved in it. I don’t work in the industry, instead, I spend my days slaving over a keyboard in the I.T. world.

But food isn’t my only interest. I also love to keep up with whats happening in the world of travel, technology, photography, and so many others.

I’m originally from Trinidad, but over twenty years ago I left and followed my wife to Canada. We currently live in Mississauga with our two kids.


A few people have asked me where the name ‘Goat Roti Chronicles” came from. This site was originally focused on food, and the stories of the people in the industry so I figured that I’d name it after my favorite food, Goat Roti, and because I wanted to hear stories, I added the word ‘Chronicles’.

Thanks for coming by to check out the site and I hope you stop in time and time again.






Questions? Comments? You can email me at 1goatroti@gmail.com

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