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Meet Anthony Spinley of North Shore Pie Co & enter for a chance to win a family sized pie

Anthony Spinley, owner of North Shore Pie Co., didn’t begin where one might expect of a chef. After spending time snowboarding in his native New Zealand, he moved to Australia where he started working on boats. He then came to Canada, and after taking Environmental Studies became a certified arborist. While in Canada, he met his wife, and they took over a New Zealand bakery, combining their worlds and bringing them to where they are today.

Goat Roti Chronicles - North Shore Pie Co - Anthony Spinley

Anthony Spinley owner of North Shore Pie Co.

What gave you the idea to start North Shore Pie Co?

I had teamed up with a baker from New Zealand but when he moved back down under, I decided to keep the business alive. Buying out his share allowed me to expand the business and rebrand to North Shore Pie Co. I could see the potential in the business idea when I started out. Kiwis love to take risks and this was a big one, but it’s been a fun challenge!

Goat Roti Chronicles - North Shore Pie Co - Anthony Spinley

Some of the pies available from North Shore Pie Co.

Where did your recipes come from?

The recipes come from all over. Some are classic New Zealand dishes that we have created our own versions of. Some are secret recipes. Our New Zealand baker, Bonnie, created some of them too. They are all inspired by traditional New Zealand dishes which was really important to me as I wanted to give Canadians a taste of what we get back home.

What made you decide to open up a full production facility in Etobicoke instead of another country or city?

I live in Toronto and have been settled here for the past 16 years. In that time I’ve discovered that it is a good starting point to work out of and to distribute to other Canadian cities. Torontonians are really passionate about the diverse culinary scene, which really inspires me to continue what I’m doing.

What are the major differences, or similarities, between New Zealand and Toronto?

The main differences that I have noticed are the weather and the population. We have milder weather in New Zealand and far fewer people! The similarities are that the people are friendly and welcoming in both countries.

In Toronto quite a few people are familiar with Aussie pies, how is yours different?

The concept of the pies are similar since they are both savoury but our pies have more flavour in the filling and the pastry. Plus, ours are better!

What’s your favourite Toronto restaurant?

Queen Margherita pizza. Who doesn’t love a great pizza when they aren’t eating a pie?

Goat Roti Chronicles - North Shore Pie Co - Anthony Spinley

North Shore Pie Co

Can you share any of the plans you have for your business in Toronto?

Right now, we have two retail locations in Roncesvalles and in Leaside, but in the new year we have some big changes coming! In the New Year, we will be opening a flagship location in Etobicoke and closing down our Leaside location. In Etobicoke we will have an other small retail location, but we will also be focusing on wholesale pies. We are hoping to be able to create frozen, packaged pies to supply to outlets across the GTA, Ontario and even Canada. That way, everyone will be able to have a taste of New Zealand.

What kind of pies will you be available at the new location?

The retail location in Leaside will continue selling all the flavours of pie until December. When the Etobicoke location opens, we will have wholesale orders as well as frozen pies that can be picked up from Etobicoke or Roncesvalles.


Contact Information:

Etobicoke location:                                      Roncesvalles location:
107 Shorncliffe Rd                                       43 Roncesvalles Ave.
Toronto, ON                                                   Toronto, ON
M82 5K7                                                        M6R 2K4

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NorthShorePieCo
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/northshorepieco
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/northshorepieco/


Thanks to North Shore Pie Co, I’m giving you the opportunity to win one of their family sized pies. Use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter. Just so you know, we are not responsible for any shipping. The winner will need to choose and pick up their pie in person.

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