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2017 Eat To The Beat: 60 Female Chefs, 1 Worthy Cause & A Ticket Giveaway

I can’t believe that today is the last day of September, summer is gone and pretty soon we’ll be hearing about below zero temperatures. The only upside to this changing of the seasons is that on Tuesday, October 17th, the doors of Roy Thompson Hall will be opened to welcome guests to the 22nd edition of Eat To The Beat, one of the best culinary events in Toronto.

It’s actually an understatement to say that this is one of the best culinary events in this food crazy city.

It’s the only event in Canada that exclusively features the talent of 60 female chefs – women supporting women through the challenges that come with a breast cancer diagnosis. – Eat To The Beat

These 60 chefs come from restaurants all across Toronto and they’ll present sweet and savory dishes at their food stations along with wine, beer and non alcoholic drinks. If you love AYCE events, then this is the one for you!

Eat To The Beat has raised more than $3.9 million since its inception. Funds raised at Eat To The Beat will be directed towards supporting the full spectrum of breast cancer programs and services of the Canadian Cancer Society – from important research where the latest innovations are developed to direct patient support – and will benefit not only the estimated 25,000 Canadian women who are diagnosed every year with this disease, but also the families and friends who love and support them.

Eat to the Beat at a Glance:

DATE:        Tuesday, October 17, 2017
TIME:         7pm – 10pm
VENUE:     Roy Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe Street, Toronto (St. Andrew subway station)
COST:        Tickets include savory and sweet dishes at 60 stations along with wine, beer and a selection of non-alcoholic libations from 20 of the finest beverage purveyors.

General Admission Ticket: $189 (a tax receipt will be issued for the maximum allowable amount)

DRESS:Smart casual

FACEBOOK:      Canadian Cancer Society

TWITTER:           @CCSGTA
HASHTAG:         #EattotheBeat #CancerFighter

As usual, the folks at Eat To The Beat have teamed up with Goat Roti Chronicles to sponsor a contest to this years event. The deadline to enter is midnight on October 13th and the winner will be announced the next day.

Eat To The Beat Ticket Giveaway ($398 Value)

Disclaimer: I was not compensated monetarily for this post but the tickets for the contest was donated.

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  1. Susan Bloom

    Donna Dooher but I really would love to taste everyone’s cooking! #cookingforacure

  2. Jacky Y

    Dufflet Rosenberg!

  3. Sophia

    I love seafood, so I’m excited to see what Felicia Derose from The Chase Fish & Oyster will serve up at the event! Fingers crossed I get the opportunity to try it in person! Thanks for the chance!

    1. Davindra Ramnarine

      Yes, me too. Good luck!

  4. TorontoFoodBwoy

    Seems like a great event for a great cause. Delicious too 😀

    1. Davindra Ramnarine

      It is a very delicious event. You need to choose a chef to qualify though.

  5. Reens

    I’d love to try Chef Alexandra Feswick The Drake Hotel

  6. Annette Chai

    Chef Dufflet Rosenberg … I have a sweet tooth.

    1. Davindra Ramnarine

      Good luck, Chef Rosenberg usually delivers some amazing stuff so I’m sure your sweet tooth would be very satisfied.

  7. Rebecca G

    I would really love to try any of them!

    1. Davindra Ramnarine

      Thanks for commenting, but to qualify you’d need to name a chef whose food you’d like to try.

  8. Angelica de la Rosa

    ETTB is one of the best events in Toronto..and the fact that it’s for a good cause just really kicks it up a notch! Nuit Regular always has stellar dishes so I’d love to try what she has to offer this year 🙂

    1. Davindra Ramnarine

      Yes!! Chef Regular really bumps up the flavour levels, nice choice!

  9. laura

    for me it would be Felicia Derose

  10. Emgee Domville

    Felicia Derose, for sure!

  11. Lynn

    I am really looking forward to Donna Dooher creations.

  12. Yuen C

    I would love to try Alexandra Feswick!

  13. Stephen

    There are a few Kimberly Humby, Anne Novo, and Donna Dooher.

    1. Davindra Ramnarine

      All great choices!!

  14. Kimberly

    There are too many to pick from. I really want to try them all, not one to turn down food.

  15. Jean

    Renee Bellefeuille for sure!! Thank you for the chance!

  16. Judskii

    Great cause! Sounds like a fun event 🙂

  17. George

    I would like to try Andrea Poirier food.

  18. Janice

    I would love to see what Jennifer Mooers is cooking up.

  19. Candace Marie

    The food looks amazing!

  20. Matt

    I would like to try something from Renee Bellefeuille. Actually I would love to win this for my wife, she had tickets last year but had to give them up to take care of me after my day surgery.

    1. Davindra Ramnarine

      Oh man, you owe her BIG time!! Best of luck to you.

  21. Brook

    Really looking forward to trying Richell Castillo dish.

  22. Blissemporium

    Such an amazing event, I would love to see what Nuit Regular, Renée Bellefeuille and Wanda Beaver create!

    1. Davindra Ramnarine

      Three amazing chefs!!

  23. Becky

    Looks incredible! Definitely want some of Wanda Beaver’s pie!

  24. Debbie

    Alexandra Feswick

  25. Freddy

    Renee Bellefeuille Thanks!

  26. Jenn

    Love the creations from Elia Herrera, so glad to see she is participating!

  27. mm67br

    Great cause!!
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  28. Michelle

    Jennifer Perusini

  29. Vickie Cheung

    Great event with great food for great cause

    1. Davindra Ramnarine

      But whose food are you looking forward to?

  30. ophelia c

    Jennifer Mooers! But all of the chefs are so talented!!! Such a great event for such a good cause.

    1. Davindra Ramnarine

      I couldn’t agree with you more.

  31. Leslie

    Would love to see what Alexandra Feswick from The Drake Hotel is doing!

    1. Davindra Ramnarine

      I’m sure she’s gonna knock it out of the park.

  32. Sandra

    Would love to try Felicia Derose’s dish!! Cancer is very near and dear to my heart.

    1. Davindra Ramnarine

      It’s a disease that has affected so many people.

  33. KellyPC

    They are all amazing but I have a soft spot for Dufflet Rosenberg!

    1. Davindra Ramnarine

      A lot of people will agree with you.

  34. Johnson Tran

    Thanks! I love to eat.

    1. Davindra Ramnarine

      But whose food? You need to a chef’s name to qualify.

  35. Joanna W.

    I’d like to try food by Jennifer Mooers (Hooked)!

  36. Sue T

    Jennifer Perusini from BerBer Social

  37. Lisa Wilson

    I would love to try any of these great chefs!

    1. Davindra Ramnarine

      But you have to choose one to qualify.

  38. Sharon

    Would like to try Dufflet

  39. Joanna

    Would love to try the food of Renee Bellefeuille!!

  40. Lucy

    Angela Panigas is on my must try list!

  41. Vanessa L.

    I would love to try Dufflet Rosenberg’s food. Her cakes are delish!

  42. Chris MacDonald

    I would love to try the food of Renee Bellefeuille

    1. Davindra Ramnarine

      Same here!

  43. Manuel Vizcaya-Lois

    I’ll want to try whatever Vanessa Yeung is cooking.

  44. Bonnie

    Dufflet Rosenberg!

  45. janine a

    Wanda Beaver, would love to try! love the event too

  46. linda

    Would love to attend!

    1. Davindra Ramnarine

      Good luck, but whose food do you want to try?

  47. Nicole Jubleew

    Alexandra Feswick is the chef on my must try list.

  48. Athena

    I’d love to try what Donna Dooher whips up!

    1. Davindra Ramnarine

      She always serves up something delicious.

  49. Eliz T

    I’m excited to try some tasty Thai food from Nuit Regular and all the desserts from The Rolling Pin ladies!

    1. Davindra Ramnarine

      Nice choices!

  50. Jen R

    60 talented women chefs supporting Canadian Cancer Society, yes please! Fingers crossed this is the year I get to attend! I’m excited to see what dish Jennifer Perusini planned!

    Thanks for the chance!

    1. Davindra Ramnarine

      It’s an amazing cause!

  51. Laurence Price

    Nice Contest. It looks good.

  52. Jeffrey Cheung

    Such an incredible event to raise not only awareness for breast cancer but to showcase the incredible woman in culinary arts today!

  53. Mike D

    Best food event in the city and for such an important cause as well! I’m excited to see what Anna Janes of Coco Mira will make.

    1. Davindra Ramnarine

      I couldn’t agree more, on both counts!!

  54. Aaron B

    Donna sounds awesome

    1. Davindra Ramnarine

      She is!!

  55. Kristy

    Renee Bellefeuille for sure!

  56. sara kirkham

    Renee Bellefeuille

  57. Chris MacDonald

    Renee Bellefeuille is on the top of my list!

  58. Yanhua

    I would love to try Donna Dooher

  59. Yong Chen

    Renee Bellefeuille

  60. noodlemom1

    We like cake. Would love to try some from Vanessa Le Page.

  61. Jody

    Would love to try Richell Castillo dishes!

  62. Joanne Careri

    I love the cakes at Dufflet so I’m looking forward to trying out Dufflet Rosenberg’s yummy treats.

  63. Tracey

    Donna Dooher of Mildred’s Temple Kitchen is on my must try list.

  64. Rosi

    I would like to taste from Lili Sullivan’s Italian pastas!

  65. M

    Wanda Beaver is on my must try list!

  66. Christina

    Renee Bellefeuille

  67. CL Chin

    I want to see what Donna Dooher will be creating for this event.

  68. Matt Domville

    What a cool event!

    1. Davindra Ramnarine

      It is, but whose food would you like to try?

      1. Matt

        Felicia Derose, please!

  69. Tanya

    Felicia Derose – Chase Fish & Oyster would love to try her food plus all the others! Looks fantastic

  70. Sid Friedman

    Love this event. Went last year and had an amazing time.

  71. Thomas Kwan

    Great cause for sure.

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