Nov 13

PineSol Helping Bring Back Your Memories – #YesItsPinesol

Three new Pine Sol fragrances.

Growing up in on an island in the  Caribbean meant that I was constantly surrounded by all sorts of different smells, some pleasant and others not so much. Smells like ripe mangoes freshly picked from the tree, fragrant flowers, and food like the rich, complex aroma of a pot of curried goat bubbling away on the stove. I’ve been away from Trinidad for many years but I’m thankful that I can get my mangoes and my Trini food here in Canada. The smells of these foods takes me back in time and makes the memories come flooding back. I’m not just saying this, it’s science!

A number of behavioral studies have demonstrated that smells trigger more vivid emotional memories and are better at inducing that feeling of “being brought back in time than images” – Psychology Today

It’s not just tropical smells that bring back memories. I remember when I was about four or five years old we came to Canada for a visit during spring time. On some mornings I would go outside and there was this smell in the air, one that was clean and fresh. Up to today when I smell that I’m taken back to my aunt’s house in Oakville so many years ago.

I even remember that my mom would often use the Original Pine Sol for cleaning when we were kids and I grew up associating that smell to a clean house. It wasn’t just her, it seems everyone used it. I never really thought about it back then but it had to be working well for so many people to be using it.

New products means new scent memories

Everything changes and as they say “Out with the old, in with the new”. This doesn’t mean that Pine Sol is getting rid of their original scent, in this case it means that its not your only option now.

They’ve recently released some new scents: Calming Lavender, citrusy Mandarin and floral scented Spring Blossom which is a a delightful bouquet of magnolia, jasmine and orange blossom fragrances.

Three new Pine Sol fragrances.

I didn’t know which one I preferred so I tried using them in different rooms of my house, two bathrooms and my kitchen. The Lavender was nice, not overpowering, just a nice subtle smell in the air. The  Spring Blossom was a bit too floral for me, as I tend not to like strong perfumes.  Maybe it was the small bathroom that intensified the smell but this was not a favourite.

The Mandarin Sunrise Pine Sol

The winner for me ended up being the Mandarin and I know exactly why. The citrusy smell was the most tropical of the bunch and it brings me back to what I was saying at the beginning of this article, it’s all about the scents of growing up in Trinidad.

What about you all reading this? Do you have any “scent memories”? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Although I was supplied with PineSol products all opinions and memories are my own.


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